Thursday, June 2, 2011


Oh my goodness I'm bad at this whole blogging thing! Well, Ryan has been gone for about 3 1/2 weeks now, and we're still alive =) He is in Afghanistan and is super hot! I got to talk (facebook chat) to him almost everyday the first week-2 weeks he was there, but now he's on a "mission" and we will have no contact as far as I know for the next 3 months. (except for snail mail) At first I was ok with him leaving, I knew when I married him that we'd have to do this one day. It's only recently started to hit me that he's really not coming back til almost Christmas. I haven't hugged anyone except a goodbye hug from Elder Yachuw in almost a month, and haven't gotten a kiss in almost a month, and haven't cuddled with anyone except my sweet baby and my puppy. I'm definitely starting to feel the effects! But I know this will go quicker than I think, especially since I'm going to CO soon and will be surrounded by family =)

Anywho, Vincent found his toes on May 22nd...I was changing his diaper (so I was practically shoving his toes in his face) and I hurried and took pictures in case he didn't do it again anytime soon...I didn't have to worry 'cause he won't stop playing with his toes! He is 4 months and a few days old, and he has his 4 month checkup on Monday...I'll try to update everyone on his weight and height after his appt!

I think that's really it for now, nothing has really happened aside from the toes and Ryan leaving for practically the rest of the year.

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